Put your hand up if;

  • You’re looking for more direction, versatility or guidance with your workouts

  • You’re seeking a workout that can be customized to your unique training needs

  • You’re interested in workouts that only take around 30mins to complete

  • You enjoy working out at home

  • You’re sick of “winging it” at the gym and want to train with intention

  • You’re wanting the option to train online with like-minded legends and access online coaching

  • You’re spending the majority of your workout trying to find the perfect song

  • You’re looking for simple & effective tips to support your holistic health

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A 4-week training program that covers basic functional movement skills, building strength, variety, and most importantly - fun!

And not to toot our own horns, but it's been written by some knowledgeable and experienced Trainer who are passionate about getting people moving safely & well.


You won't need a lot of equipment to participate in Work It, Warrior!

Why? Because we don't expect everyone to have an entire gym in their house!

A pair of Dumbbells and a Resistance Band will have you covered. Need a hand find some or sorting alternates? No worries - we've got all the info you need headed to your inbox.

Work It, Warrior! is a 4-week program that will help you with all of this! It includes;

  • Thorough screening before getting started including compulsory completion of online New Client Assessment, and a 20 minute digital call to discuss your individual needs and program customization. We want to get to know you and ensure we're providing you with a safe, fun, and appropriate program for your individual needs

  • 3 x 30 minute workouts weekly comprising of 1 x interval session and 2 x strength sessions with the opportunity to complete one of these workouts live for additional coaching - perfect for someone who wants to have their form checked, ask questions and interact with likeminded legends.

  • Videos detailing all the exercises in each workout sent directly to your inbox so you're never left wondering "what the heck is that" when looking at an exercise's name

  • Exclusively curated Spotify playlists to warm-up and cool down to, as well as new weekly playlists for your training. In my opinion? Good tunes + good program = good session!

  • Weekly wellness focus for the week including helpful tips & education because we're looking at positively impacting as many aspects of your you health as possible.

This training program offers flexibility and convenience, without compromising on safety.

And when it boils down to $4.92 per workout? Yeah, you'd be mad not to!

The next start date is 9/05/22 and is available for purchase right now!

So, what are you waiting for?