We are not your average Personal Trainers.

Our holistic approach to training has provided our clients with significant and sustainable results that are above and beyond anything they’ve experienced before.


During your first session with us, we really get to know you. You will share with us your movement history including what exercise you’ve participated in (with a focus on the last 12 months), any injuries you’ve sustained, medical conditions & any safety concerns, as well as any discomfort that has been limiting your participation in training. You will discuss what your motivators are for enlisting our services and together we will establish clear expectations for our working relationship. To help you formulate realistic goals for our time working together, you will first complete a movement assessment to ensure we create a clear picture of where you are starting. Should anything arise throughout your assessment that is outside our scope of practice, you will be referred on to our trusted health care providers for support. Of course, there is a little paperwork to complete as well however the majority of the time will be spent getting to know you.

Warriors of Wellness HQ is based in Glen Iris and provides you with all the equipment needed to achieve your health and fitness goals including squat rack, trap-bar for deadlifting (up to 250kg), assortment of kettle bells, battle and skipping ropes, boxing equipment, gymnastic rings and TRX just to name a few! The privacy and homely vibe of HQ is great for those who are new to training, feel uneasy at a large gym, or who prefer to training in a comfortable, convenient, and relaxed environment.