dōTERRA Essential Oils

Are you health conscious? Are you curious and open-minded? Are you looking for natural alternatives for you and your loved ones? Are you interested in reducing your toxic load? Are you determined and ready to take action?

Overall health and wellness is not just about your physical state (although it is a great place to start!), but we feel it should include all facets of health; mental, emotional, and spiritual. When Renee was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils in 2016, she felt as though the Universe had presented her with an opportunity to incorporate more holistic views to health and wellness in her life and business that she could not say no to.

Renee's Story

Lured to a girlfriend's house by the promise of wine (in moderation of course!), I attended an Essential Oil Workshop simply in order to show a girlfriend support and collect on the delicious offer of good food and a glass of wine. After hearing about the many ways these incredible gifts of the Earth could be used to assist myself, my family, my household and all that I knew and loved, I knew I had to get my hands on some.

After purchasing a kit inclusive of 10 x Essential Oils, a Diffuser, and a Wholesale Membership, I began my oily adventures and have never looked back. A few months later, after many incredible experiences, and much research and deliberation, I decided to incorporate these little bottles of plant-based magic into the Warriors of Wellness business.

I now provide education to groups, individuals and businesses on the incredible benefits dōTERRA Essential Oils can have on one's overall health and wellbeing as well as how to buy these beautiful gifts of the Earth at the best price possible. Essential Oil workshops cover a wide variety of topics including reducing the toxic load of your household, a natural alternative to compliment ones health care, support to help you achieve a restful night's sleep and so much more.

I also offer mentoring to those who would like to share the oily goodness with their friends, family, and community to grow a sustainable and passionate business themselves.

Why dōTERRA?

dōTERRA Essential Oils are above and beyond anything you can buy in your local pharmacy or two dollar shop (unless they stock dōTERRA, of course!) which can be loaded with synthetic fillers and other nasties that could negatively impact your health and overall wellbeing.


dōTERRA Essential Oils are ethically sourced via co-impact souring methods and have the highest potency and purest quality. The Essential Oils are extracted from plants where they grows indigenously - ensuring that the soil, seasons, climate and altitude are ideal for growing the perfect plant with the most potent and power Essential Oil.

The integrity of the company can be easily seen in the way they value their product and customers. If an Essential Oil is unable to be sourced ethically or does not measure up to dōTERRA's high standard via multiple third party testing, dōTERRA do not sell it. The company is serious about the quality of their products and this is one of the reasons why I choose to partner with them.

My love and appreciation for the company only grew when I learnt in greater detail about dōTERRA's philantropic natural, specifically the Healing Hands Foundation, which not only raises money to give back to and empower the impoverished communities where some of the Essential Oils are sourced including Haiti, Nepal, and Madagascar, but also fund other incredible projects such as;

  • Operation Underground Railroad - works to rescue children from sex trafficking by utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts.

  • Days for Girls Hygiene Education - works to provide every girl in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits that have now reached females in 75 different countries.

Projects like these make my heart sing and I am honoured to be aligned with a company that dedicates so much time and effort to community development. Every drop of dōTERRA's Essential Oils are not only benefitting the health and wellness of yourself and your family, but also those in need around the world. And that is why I choose dōTERRA.